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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all hair color is temporary and washes out with shampoo.

Yes, we do events all over the country.

Yes, any accessories in the guests’ hair are theirs to keep.

Our fees depend on how many people are in your party, what your theme is, and how many stylists your party will need.

Yes, we are licensed to do anything related to makeup and hair. If you have something in mind, feel free to ask us.

Yes, we can create designs for any theme to fit your needs.

Yes, all products we use are safe and wash out easily.

We’ve been in the hair business for 35 years and founded the Crazy Hair Company in 2008.

Yes, please call us for references.

We provide hair art services for all ages….children and adults alike love crazy hair.

People without hair can still participate! We do airbrush art on people without hair.

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